Posts from: December 2015


New project finished – R.I.N

I just finished another game. It is a one stage shoot em up that was created to learn some new stuff in Unity. As usual, most of the time was spent creating art and music 🙂 Check out the game here Share This:

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Number wizard Screen_1

Number Wizard with UI finished

I tweaked the code of Number Wizard, and added some UI elements and graphics. Here is the finished result, in the event anyone wants to download and try it 🙂 Share This:

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Still trying to find a simple way to do the updates

Dungeon Escape is finished! It’s very simple in it’s current form, but I decided to do it this way to move ahead in the Unity course I am attending. From now on, I will keep the project descriptions very short, so I can focus on development mainly. I will try to compensate by posting any…

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