One week of coding – C++ tutorial for complete beginners

It’s time for a challenge! For quite some time now, I have had the ambition to learn how to code in C++, and eventually add the language to my toolset when creating games (mainly). It is true that the best approach is usually to “use what you know best”, which in my case would be either Clickteam Fusion or Unity 3D, both of which are very high level “coding” solutions – high level meaning easily understandable for humans, unlike for example machine code.

C++ on the other hand, is cosidered a fairly low level language, meaning you do not get much for free out of the box. For example, drawing a simple window on the screen in C++ normally requires more than 50 lines of code, while the click-and-drag approach of Fusion and Unity pretty much grants stuff like this automatically, no questions asked.

So, why pick the seemingly masochistic approach of a low level language, when there are easier solutions within reach? My personal answer to that question is that I want more control over my projects, and I want the luxury of modularity and encapsulation that is possible with “proper programming”.

The challenge!

I will be truthful – despite the title of this challenge, which corresponds to the Udemy course I am attending, I am not new to C++. I do know the very basics already, and my goal is to fill in any gaps of knowledge that I have in order to move on to creating actual projects (likely using SDL2).

So, the challenge is simply to get through the “C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners” course in one weeks time. Here is a link to the course in question:

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