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New project finished – R.I.N

I just finished another game. It is a one stage shoot em up that was created to learn some new stuff in Unity. As usual, most of the time was spent creating art and music 🙂 Check out the game here Share This:

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Number wizard Screen_1

Number Wizard with UI finished

I tweaked the code of Number Wizard, and added some UI elements and graphics. Here is the finished result, in the event anyone wants to download and try it 🙂 Share This:

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Still trying to find a simple way to do the updates

Dungeon Escape is finished! It’s very simple in it’s current form, but I decided to do it this way to move ahead in the Unity course I am attending. From now on, I will keep the project descriptions very short, so I can focus on development mainly. I will try to compensate by posting any…

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Text adventure engine – new project started

Phew. Finally finished with the GDD for my new project, which will be an engine to create text adventures. This, like my last project, is related to the Unity course I am currently attending. I am deviating quite a lot from the solution presented in the course, though, since I want to create a more…

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Number Wizard completed

Yay, I finished my first Unity project. This is the first of a number of projects contained in the course I am using to learn Unity development. I deviated a bit from the example code, but the functionality is pretty much the same. Sadly, this “game” is played in the Unity debug console, which means…

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